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Quixxsmart Power Drive System
Your are viewing a 10 foot section alternately pushing and pulling a single pallet with a 62 pound/28.2 kg vise on it. The pallet is a simple polyethylene and MDF composite plate. The motive force of the system is a 50 watt DC gear motor driving a reinforced urethane, circular section belt. The motor is controlled by a PLC and is variable speed. Directional changes are made via proximity switches attached to brackets on the aluminum extrusion roller track. Delrin roller pullies on stainless steel axles provide long lasting quiet operation. Please contact us for your application.

Quixxsmart Structures® represents the latest engineering advances in a highly flexible, modular system of customized components needed for the creation of task specific workstations, flow racks and parts presentation carts. Quixxsmart designs are based on simplicity, functionality and ease of assembly. We specialize in designing and building cost-effective products that can dramatically improve your manufacturing output. Please contact us for a "no obligation" assessment of your current operations. Our engineering staff will help you create a customized work environment designed for maximum efficiency and worker safety.