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    Modular Assembly Cells

Caster Selection

Add casters to your stations and racks for flexibility and increased productivity. Casters make reconfiguring your cell fast. They also assist in clean up. There are 2 major variables when selecting casters: stem mount or plate mount as shown. Stem type are the simplest to mount on your Quixxsmart rack but are some-what limited in their weight carrying capacity. Our 3" dia 75 mm/caster is rated for 68 kg/150# per wheel. Plate type casters have heavier load capacity.

Our standard offering includes stem or plate type casters in 3"/75mm 4"/100 mm or 5"/125 mm diameter. The 4"/100 mm and 5"/125 mm casters are available with fixed, swivel and total lock rigs. The wheels are a rubber compound for quiet operation and long life. Please inquire if your caster application has additional requirements. All plate type casters have an 8mm threaded insert for fast attachment to the QF1000Q + QF1002Q caster straps with the 8 mm 30mm hex head cap screw.

125mm/5" swivel
total lock

125mm/5" swivel

125mm/5" fixed

75mm/4" stem
mount swivel

75mm/3" stem
mount total lock

left to right:
74449, 100mm/4" total lock swivel
73449, 100mm/4" fixed
72449, 100mm/4" swivel

See our selection guide. We offer resilient (rubber compound) as our standard wheel. Please call for specialized sizes., bearings or applications.

Caster Mounting

Partial View
Plate Type Caster Mount

Top Strap QF1000Q

Bottom Strap QF1002Q