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Features and Benefits

World Class manufacturing, JIT material handling, Point of use parts presentations, Lean fixturing, Quick production change-overs, Sequenced parts delivery, Continuous improvement, Improved worker ergonomics and Visual management are some of today's goals in industry. Reaching these goals should be simple, fast and cost effective. When your requirements include racks, workstations or structures, the Quixxsmart product line has your solutions.

The benefits of the Quixxsmart® Structures and racks are many:

World Class Manufacturing - Create stations and racks without welding, grinding, priming or painting with our sturdy steel tubing and fittings.

JIT Material Handling - Design flow racks for container presentation. When and where you need it.

Point of Use Parts Presentation - Quixxsmart modular design racks can be tailored for pin point parts presentation. This minimizes wasteful handling and traffic on the floor.

Lean Fixturing - Utilize Quixxsmart's sturdy steel construction and ClamptightĘ feature for accurate fixtures. This makes fixturing for low production runs feasible and cost effective.

Quick Production Changeovers - Place your custom rack on casters and change components on the fly, minimize production line downtime.

Sequenced Parts Delivery - Match your sequenced parts with your production schedule with customized racks for your subassemblies.

Continuous Improvement - Do you see a way that may improve efficiency with your racks or stations? Its easy to implement changes with a hex key and maybe some tubing or fittings. Our extreme modularity, easy adjustability and low first cost make experimentation and continuous improvement simple.

Improved Worker Ergonomics - If an optimized station or fixture or rack allows assemblers to work within their comfort zone they will not be physically taxed during their shift. The net gain is improved safety, efficiency, productivity and reduced repetitive trauma injuries.

Visual Management - Having parts presented at the point of use versus in a stock room or on a pallet in a rack allows people in a cell to easily manage their production inventory. Utilize a color on your racks to code different product component versions, models or rework.

To meet your requirements, the Quixxsmart® Structures Product is offered three ways:

Bulking Fittings, Tubing and Accessories - Order the components you need for the do it yourself products. The only tools required are a hacksaw, tube cutter, tape measure, hex key and a combination wrench.

Kit Form - Utilize Quixxsmart's CAD design capability to analyze and create equipment to your requirements. We will cut, and ship ready to assemble equipment. No cutting is required so the only tools required are hex key and combination wrench.

Set Up - We can provide the stations built and assembled to your specifications. They are shipped direct in a dedicated truck ready to use.