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Our fittings are stamped from high quality steel. They are designed for maximum clamping and holding force and can be used and reused. The finish is a tough black oxide that is chip and rust resistant. For further tube retention many of the fitting bodies have 2 deep stamped ribs which help grip the tubes. This insures structural rigidity and design integrity.

Part # QC-1 Tee 90

Part # QC-1C Cut Tee

Part # QC-2 Elbow

Part # QC-3 4 Way Cross

Part # QC-4 3 way Cross

Part # QC-5 5 Way Cross

Part # QC-6 4 Offset 90

Part # QC-6A 4 Cut 90 Offset

Part # QC-7 4 Pivot Tee

Part # QC-8 Parallel Hinge

Part # QC-10 Tee Hinge

Part # QC-11 Parallel

Part # QC-13 Universal

Part # QJ-140 Bushing
For Use with Part # QC-8 and QC-10

Part # QC-45 Complete

Part # QC-1P Tee Fitting

Clamptight® Make it Permanent or Semi-Permanent

Each fitting also features our patent pending Clamptight® hole design that allows you to make your rack construction semi or fully permanent (Photo 1 below). Each fitting has a 4 mm hole punched through it, providing a pilot hole to affix the fitting to a tube. For semi permanent applications the tube can be fastened with a #8 TEK (Photo 2 below) for permanent applications use a 4.2 mm drill and an Avdel #1624-D514 blind rivet (Photo 1 below). Both the self drilling fasteners, rivets and 4.2 mm bit are available from Quixxsmart. Benefits of the Clamptight® feature are:

  • Structural integrity for higher loads
  • Vibration proofing, in active load applications
  • Maximum tube retention for carts and tugging applications
  • The rivet provides a tamper proof design
  • Ease of application with the integral pilot hole
  • Can be used as a safety check to insure that the tube has been fully inserted and seated.

Clamptight® Feature

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3