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Fleximate Battery Powered Cart

We have a new concept for a self contained, powered assembly cart for larger and higher volume products. Think multiple carts in assembly cells for appliances, furniture, engines, ATVs, wave runners, transmissions, automobile instrument panels, bumper assemblies, commercial food equipment, etc.

Please ignore the background noise, the cart is as quiet as a toaster oven!

Basic Concept

The system consists of a steel cart base that has round steel guide pins mounted perpendicular at each end of the base. The system has a floor mounted UHMW PE track with a groove down the center of it. The guide pins in the cart base ride within the groove and direct the cart along the path of UHMW track. The UHMW track is fixed to the floor with double-sided foam tape. Motive power for the cart is two variable speed, 24 volt, 50 watt reduction gear motors with two deep cycle batteries for power. There is an integrated charger on each cart.

Starting, stopping, speed, fore and aft direction and duty cycle is controlled by a PLC. Positioning is achieved with photoelectric sensors mounted in the cart base that read reflector targets that are placed within the groove of the UHMW PE channel.

The carts can move fore and aft in a straight line or around an oval so positions in an assembly cell can be changed easily.

We are in the testing phase but estimate that a charge will last 10 to 12 hours.

The target payload would be 300-pounds/136 kg. This may increase.The prototype car base is 32"/812mm X 60"/1524mm; but custom sizes are available. Our working design will have the main panel and batteries situated lower and in the center of the cart.

Competition for this system would be powered belt conveyors, in floor chain elevators, and overhead monorail systems.

Customer Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Low first cost
  • Low installation cost: no overhead structure, no cutting floors, no rigger, no power wiring.
  • Guidance track is easily removed with a putty knife.
  • Fast installation: track is stuck to the floor with double sided adhesive tape
  • Low maintenance: no chains, power wiring, limited bearings. Also, the guidance channel is self lubricating.
  • Simple — few components to wear out
  • Easily reconfigured: move targets with a hex key or reprogram with the simple PLC programming.
  • Safe: 24-volt power, obstruction sensors and integral E-stop
  • Good ergonomics: 360° access to the assembly plus optional rotation and height adjustability.

Close up view of the two drive motors in cart base and guide track.

Close up view of steel guide pin in UHMW PE track. Also shown is reflective target which is moved by loosening two set screws.

This is a ¾ view of the powered Fleximate cart. Our customer requested an enclosed cart (one side is removed). The structure above is designed to mount steel plates.