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Tubing - Steel and Plastic Coated Steel

Quixxsmart Structures Tubing is a available in 2 versions: steel with a flow coated zinc finish and steel with a bonded plastic jacket. Our zinc coated steel tubing is over double the wall thickness of competing products. The benefit is lower design and labor costs because fewer fittings and tubing are needed for a given structural requirement. The tubing is flow coated zinc for high quality appearance and corrosion resistance. It can also be powder coated in custom colors. Our thick wall tubing has a clear lacquer finish. It is specially manufactured for us and is engineered for maximum strength. Use a simple pipe cutter for clean, square cuts.

  Standard finish: flow coated zinc with
  laquer finish
    Plastic coated tubing

Tubing - Plastic Coated Steel Tube

A high strength steel tube with a plastic jacket is bonded on for durability. Standard length is 4 meters (13.123'). Call for color selections.


Colors = Visual Management

Utilize our plastic jacketed tubing or powder coat our steel tube to manage inventory, production changeovers, rework, safety etc. by color coding your structures and racks. Match your corporate color with a long lasting durable finish. Please call with your requirements.

With bright color coded racks and structures you can easily manage:

  • Inventory
  • Production change overs
  • Rework
  • Quality issues
  • Safety



27.5 +/- mm 1.080"
Diameter Tubing is
available in 2 finishes
1. Flow coated zinc with
    lacquer coating
2. Bonded plastic jacket
    over steel tube



Steel Wall Thickness
X Length

Part Number

  Flow Coated Zinc   .065" / 1.6mm x 12'   QJ12
  Blue Plastic Jacket   .043/1.1mm x 4M   QP4MBL
  White Plastic Jacket   .043/1.1mm x 4M   QP4MWH
  Black Plastic Jacket   .043/1.1mm x 4M   QP4MBK
  Ivory Plastic Jacket   .043/1.1mm x 4M   QP4MIV
  Yellow Plastic Jacket   .043/1.1mm x 4M   QP4MYL
  Bronze  Gray Jacket   .043/1.1mm x 4M   QP4MG